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Up close and personal with Medical Technology in Asia Health 2017

Asia Health is a trade exhibition for medical equipment, products, services and technologies and is held annually at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore. It offers everything from hospital equipment to medical disposable products, surgery instruments, diagnostic tools, equipment for emergency rooms, long-term care products, dental equipment, products for rehabilitation and orthopedics, electro-medical devices, medical services up to the pharmacy and much more.


First thoughts…

The first impression was, as compared to other medical technology fairs around the world, this one is relatively modest in scale. Most of the equipment on display were In-vitro diagnostics, or NGS (next generation sequencing) machines, with large representation from the major players. There were also some national efforts to display their design and manufacturing capabilities – such as Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Germany, with their trade delegates around as well.

I found many instances of devices that I’d like to purchase myself, primarily to alleviate the various aches and pains through basketball, work fatigue, excessive traveling, and the typical stresses of running the company. Handy nerve stimulators, medicated wound care, would sealing, coolants for pain and aches relief, even the smaller MR therapy machine for knees and elbows (missed out an hour’s nap on the MR therapy bed!) So it has kind of became a ‘shopping trip’ than anything else. 🙂


The cool stuff…

Here are some of the medical devices and products that we’re noted along the way. Click the headings to visit their company websites.

Disclaimer: NONE of the companies paid me in any way to do this. It’s just our way of showing some of the personal highlights of the exhibition


The Only Non-Invasive & Continuous CVP Monitoring System

The Mespere CVP system from Canada uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology to measure venous hemodynamics without the need for invasive catheterization. It is indicated for individuals to measure hemodynamic cardiac pressures in the human body to allow physicians to better understand cardiovascular health – as a non-invasive, spot-checking and/or continuous monitoring tool for physical assessment of central venous pressure (CVP) of an individual. This is done via an adhesive neck sensor placed over the externaljugular vein.

Sensors shine near infrared photons into the tissue containing jugular venous blood vessels and analyzethe diffusely reflected photons to determine central venous pressure.

We had Allison Prowse (clinical marketing manger) demo how to attach the sensor on the neck…



Mespere team with their range of products


A colourful operating theatre

Infimed Sp Z O O is a surgical and medical instrument manufacturer located in Zywiec, Poland. This Polish company specializes in mechanic and electro-hydraulic operating tables and accessories, LED operating and treatment lights, as well as modular wall, ceiling systems, steel doors, laminar ceilings and medical furniture. All devices and equipment can be integrated and controlled by IT system. thus Infimed also specializes in complete construction and equipment of complex operating rooms

Marcin (Export Manager) was a great guy to talk to. Getting sales to fit out an entire OT is no easy feat, and great customer service, going above and beyond has been their hallmark, while trying to crack their heads to be creative in business development


Polish team with the demo OT setup


VirtaMed provides surgical simulation

Virtual reality simulation makes surgical education better. Original instruments from major medical device manufacturers provide a complete training experience and ease transfer of skills to the OR. Actual MRI images from real patients are used as basis for the simulated patient cases, offering a large variety of pathologies which a surgeon would only see over years of practice.

Objective performance feedback with expert-defined scores makes learning possible and speeds up the learning curve of each surgeon. The system also provides outside views and ghost tools for best practice behavior. Individually designed training courses for beginners or advanced trainees challenge each trainee

I was given several opportunities to try to ‘operate on a knee’ but politely declined. Having actual instruments combined with VR really gives a better experience. Anything that helps to get more doctors and surgeons adequately trained, or more practice, is a good thing.


VR medical training simulation in action



more playing around… he said from the training scores obtained, he could not have made a bigger mess of the knee

Stimulating the body’s regenerative processes

MBST®-NuclearMagneticResonanceTherapy is based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Its therapeutic effects first came to light when patients suffering from osteoarthritis kept reporting that their pain had significantly subsided after having undergone an MRI scan. These reports provided the inspiration to the eam to further investigate this phenomenon and ultimately led to the development of MBST®-NuclearMagneticResonanceTherapy.

The higlight is of course the MBST therapy bed. No, it’s not a mattress, but no harm lying down! Tried to arrange with Franc (international account manger) to have a one-hour session 🙂 but schedules were too tight.

There’s a cluster of medical device companies near and around Frankfurt and that was also good to know.


MR therapy bed – missed out on  sleeping on it


Superglue for Wounds

TopoCryl, a topical skin adhesive, contain cyanoacrylate monomers in purest form and are supplied as a single use medical devices that are very effective in closing wounds, cuts and lacerations and acting like a protective barrier. TopoCryl is supplied in a patented delivery system enabling quick and easy application of the adhesive to the wound.

I seriously wanted to purchase this (unfortunately not yet approved for sale in Singapore), because I get these cuts and all that and Jagan said it could close up a 5-inch wound! If I had this then when i cut my shin 2 years ago …

The team had good traction during the exhibition, and hopefully it can make it to the market.



TopoCryl adhesive

Video showing how to apply the TopoCryl during C-section


One of the Pioneers of Diagnostic Imaging Development from China

I was walking past the booth, thinking it is ‘just another DR”, and struck up a conversastion with the sales manager, Zhang Han. We started chatting and ended up understanding the 30-year history of the company and its tranditional approach to business. And more about placing an entire diagnostic imaging centre in a bus. Perhaps a round country tour?

This company had a long history of local design and development of diagnostic imaging – CT, MRI, X-Ray system. They’re just starting out in the international market after being very popular in China.

The gentleman is actually the installation / service manager and I thought it was a good idea to present the technical service side of things too.


That’s one way to use an Ipad!

Their DR features wireless controls and optiomised workflow – pretty cool

Retractable Safety Syringes

Numedico is an Australian company that manufactures retractable safety syringes/needles. Basically  the needle is retracted directly through the needle adapter into the syringe barrel after use, and thus safe and easy disposal.  Had a great conversation with the reps (Neville and team) and gave a 10-minute regional rundown on market opportunities. The commitment to quality is impresive.

CLickZip – the product don’t look that flash (a syringe is a syring) so took the banner instead

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the 200+ medical technology companies.



Dealers & Distributors wall

Post it stickies for companies looking for business partnership! Interesting to leave the phone number instead of the email.  It ended up having loads of people holding up their phones to take pictures of the post-its.


To be honest it was quite un-nerving to have ‘unknown’ people just messaging your phone. I’d rather they have the match app to download, that helps to schedule meetings between participants and exhibitors. That is perhaps more efficient.

Some concluding words..

Truly, it’s a modest fair, and those used to CMEF, Medica, ArabHealth may find this, well, small. But at least it’s not like a madhouse, and some meaningful conversations can be carried out. But these investments to set up a booth, get the people here, the products here, setup, marketing materials .. it’s hard work and a significant cost.  It’s typically quite challenging to validate which propspects are legit or sincere in taking the next steps forward.

All this just strengthened our belief in the Partners’ Portal, our relentless advocation for business due diligence, and doing whatever we can to help innovative medical technology companies gain market entry to markets that need it.

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