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What is QMR ?

Quantum Molecular Resonance

QMR (Quantum Molecular Resonance) is the only technology that induces a true regeneration of damaged tissue by interacting with adult stem cells. The interaction is performed by delivering the QMR resonant energy to the transmembrane potential which has a strong effect on cell metabolism.

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The QMR Technology finds its application in physiotherapy through the Q-Physio.
The Q-Physio is a Class B (HSA), Class IIa (EU) Medical Device

Telea Q-Physio

Unlike more traditional Radiofrequency devices, Q-Physio is not based on the Hyperthermia (heating) effect. Due to the peculiar spectrum of multiple frequencies transferred simultaneously, and its unique way of interacting at cellular level the injured tissue is stimulated in such a way that a regenerative process is induced.

regenerated tissuerepaired tissue

Regenerated tissue vs Repaired tissue

Accelerate Your Recovery - Safely

Post-Operative Recovery

Sprains, Strains, Contusions

Chronic Pain Reduction

Top-ranking professional sports clubs in Europe are using QMR Therapy in the treatment of injured muscle and / or articular injuries, to significantly speed up the resumption leisure or competitive activities.

The Q-Physio can be used as soon as the injury occurs, on the onset of tissue damage or pain.

Accelerate your recovery

What can be treated with Q-Physio?

Post-Operative Recovery

  • Reduction of post-traumatic and/or post-operative edema
  • Nerve irritation (Neuralgia)

Recovery of Sprains, Strains, Contusions

  • Muscle injuries and contusions
  • Bruises and sprains
  • Bursitis

Reduction of Chronic Pain

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Joint Inflammation (synovitis)
  • Cervical radicular pain (brachialgia)
  • Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Calcific Periarthritis

Benefits of using Q-Physio

The Q-Physio medical device is a real revolution in its field as it is the only device that induces true regeneration of damaged tissue by acting on adult stem cells.


Q-physio Therapy does not induce a scar-like repair of the injured tissue, but it rather stimulates the regenerative capabilities of the tissue itself, which leads therefore to the regrowth of the tissue with some proprieties and characteristics of the original one.

Wide range of treated areas and pathologies

The therapy with Q-Physio is very effective in the treatment of a wide range of pathologies, due to the particular energy produced with a wide spectrum of frequencies (from 4 MHz to 64 MHz), which are simultaneously transmitted to the patient.

Very fast, steady and permanent results

The patient can be treated immediately after the injury, as there is no hyperthermia effect. Due to a fast anti-inflammatory and anti-edema action the patient benefits of a significant pain decrease even from the first therapy session. Thanks to the therapy made with Q-Physio the healing is usually stable, permanent and without relapses.

Cellular safety

In order to ensure maximum safety for the patient, Telea has performed a series of experiments to ascertain that the stimulation conducted with QMR therapy is totally safe and does not induce any type of cellular damage.

Safe therapy for the patient

Thanks to the extensive experience gained in the use of QMR Therapy in physiotherapy, Telea can certainly affirm that it has always proved to be very safe and free of side effects.


The Q-Physio Customer Experience Center

In an amazing partnership, Access-2-Healthcare is the authorised distributor of Telea Medical's Q Physio in Singapore, and created this customer experience center with Integrative Medical Centre to allow patients, healthcare workers, and clinicians to gain first-hand experience with this fantastic technology that delivers excellent clinical outcomes.

Walk-in clinic in Singapore
Integrative Medical Centre @  491B River Valley Rd, #11-02, Singapore 248373

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For Patients
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