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We have 11 companies and 32 team members distributed across 11 countries.

The team is comprised of full timers and contract staff, with over half of them being our technical team, and the other half the administrative and support team

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Oftentimes, during our discussions, you would find a certain level of advisory given to you free of charge. This is because with sufficient knowledge on your product or current situation, we can strategize a business model or high-level go-to-market strategy for you.  Of course, execution of these strategies and plans are critical, which is our core strength.

We can act as an advisory to the executive management for a retainer, for you to access the complete knowledge base of our company.  That is always bundled together with helping you with some execution work, so that you receive tangible results.

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Quite a variety! It ranges from:

  • Medical device companies – sized from seed funding to 1 billion USD. Evenly distributed between the EU, the Americas and Asia Pacific.
  • MedTech start-ups as small as one person
  • Medical device regional distributors to provide additional technical support
  • Hospitals for their innovation management programs
  • Academia (universities, polytechnics, institutes) for competency development
  • Assistance to funding agencies, trade associations, government agencies

They are all connected with medical technology in some way or another.

Our company policy prevents any sharing of customer information, including their identities (sometimes we may be solving compliance-related problems for them, or stealth mode start-ups).  While we understand this may slow down the trust building process with us, we can share some anonymised case studies to the level of detail where you can verify our competencies.

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Generally, no. Our existing partnerships at the moment are for scaling up our engineering prototyping services (based in the EU, Thailand, China), clinical investigation partners via government hospitals.  We have our own resources for consulting in various countries, and aim to expand to other markets organically.

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Impartiality is our policy. We don’t recommend or endorse any distributor or manufacturer. We don’t believe in having a pocketful of companies that may suit you – the market is too large and products too diverse! Force-fitting is not recommended.

With the recent developments because of the pandemic, there were instances where we had provided a small list or the methods to derive a relevant list of partners for you to shortlist further, perhaps one or two targets, to a point where due diligence is feasible.

We physically perform the due diligence for you. Therefore, you can concentrate on the business aspects, and we concentrate on the fit and the reliability of the distributor/manufacturer for the long term.

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Lead generation and customer engagement are our customer’s responsibility. Because of the number of companies that we have come across and/or worked with, there may be situations where there is more than one company with very similar products, and we would have some challenges to recommend.  It is also good business practice as it provides better leverage and be less dependent on the downstream business partner. We can provide various consulting solutions on your go-to-market strategy or local market study to improve your chances of finding your customers
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If it’s early in development, we can help to assess it objectively in the relevant medical workflows as well as how it can be realized into a commercial product. If it’s a commercialized product, we can help you develop the go-to-market strategy to other markets.

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The audience we aspire to serve is the SME and startup environment, therefore fees are friendly and flexible – anything from high 3-figures(!) to low six-figures. The fees are determined based on the complexity of the organisation, risk class of the device, the likely market penetration, and the number of tasks executed for you.

We adopt a flat service fee structure, paid incrementally over the course of the project per the milestone achieved. We may also consider a monthly or annual retainer structure if it is deemed more suitable for the project.

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Yes, we can. We will be happy to collaborate with other consultants that you are currently engaging.  The Code of Conduct for a practicing management consultant is very important to us, so that we can always protect your interests, and prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

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Trade Associations promote trade by encouraging their members to participate in events, trade shows, engage in business matchmaking, introducing potential partners. Technology Transfer Offices help research teams with positioning their innovation for spin-off or technology acquisition. because there are many activities that need to happen after the partners meet, or after the technology is spun off, Access-2-Healthcare helps to execute all the work leading to actual market entry or product launch.

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No, our company have to remain neutral to all prospects and client and therefore we cannot invest in any company for equity.  However, many investors of all types (from family offices, angel investors, VCs and Pes) have shown interest because we have in fact a curated list of companies that are high potential and may require some investment to launch or scale their product.   We would always sit on the side of the investees (the manufacturers that require the investment), and may take a small referral fee. Our main objective is to help the manufacturers launch and scale, therefore we will match the investors carefully to ensure we have a win-win-win scenario.

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Because of our physical presence in multiple countries, there are opportunities where your contract manufacturer, critical supplier, or distributor can be more closely monitored and supported as you require. This could range from site visits to supplier audits.

Another area of interest is the due diligence step in sourcing for new business partners. We are experts in this area and would ensure a clear, objective assessment helps to make the best long term solutions.

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