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HIDAS APAC Market Access Event on 21 Oct 2016, in Taipei

HIDAS (Healthcare Industry Development Association across the Strait) furthers the years of connectivity and relationship with partners across the Strait and extending that to the ASEAN region. HIDAS organised a APAC market-entry focused event on in Oct 2016, to bring to gether HIDAS member spanning from government, academia, industry, investors, and overseas partners. Much knowledge sharing was presented to the audience, and Access-2-Healthcare’s Ee Bin Liew presented on the Importance of Business Due Diligence in the Healthcare Industry.  The response was evidenced by the number of people queing to ask further questions about market entry into ASEAN as well as the pitfalls in terms of importation,  and business partnership.

Two new inductees from Singapore of the HIDAS memebership – Advanced Medical Pte Ltd and Access-2-Healthcare, signed MOUs with HIDAS to mutually further objectives to help entrepreneurs gain support, funding, and market access to expand their business and reach

We’re still feeling out the type and scope of projects in which HIDAS can work with us, but the potential is immense, due to Access-2-Healthcare’s reach within the academia, industry, and government regulatory sectors in various countries.

Slowly and surely, a step at a time….

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