25 and growing, physically distributed in the markets that we have presence. We have 10 entities and counting!

Advice and guidance are part of any consulting project anyway – it’s built in. Our focus is to physically execute, so that the work is done for you as tangible results.

Quite a variety! They range from

  • Medical device companies from the US, EU, Israel, Russia,  Asia Pacific – sized from seed funding to 1 billion USD.
  • MedTech start-ups as small as one person!
  • Medical device regional distributors in Singapore
  • Hospitals in South-East Asia for healthcare innovation management
  • Academia (universities, polytechnics, institutes) in Asia Pacific for competency development
  • Assistance to funding agencies, trade associations, government agencies

They are all connected with medical technology in some way or another.

If we are in official partnership with any consulting company, we will indicate this in our company website. As appropriate, we’d love to partner to synergise our solutions and work together to be a better enabler for the healthcare industry.

Impartiality is our policy. We don’t recommend or endorse any distributor or manufacturer. We don’t believe in having a pocketful of companies that may suit you – the market is too large and products too diverse! Force-fitting is not recommended.

We prefer to shortlist objectively, then physically perform the due diligence for you. Therefore you can concentrate on the business aspects, and we concentrate on the fit and the reliability of the distributor/manufacturer long term.

Lead generation and customer engagement are our customer’s responsibility. It is also good business practice as it provides better leverage and be less dependent on the downstream business partner. We can provide various consulting solutions on your go-to-market strategy or local market study to improve your chances of finding your customers

If it’s early in development, we can help to assess it objectively in the relevant medical workflows as well as how it can be realized into a commercial product. If it’s a commercialized product, we can help you develop the go-to-market strategy to other markets

Never! We strongly believe in our customer owning their product and company – that is, after all, your blood, sweat and tears.

We usually charge service (flat) fees, paid over the course of the project per the milestones.  We may also consider a monthly retainer fee if it is suitable for the project.

That depends, pending background check on the other partner(s) to ensure they measure up to the Code of Conduct. We are very meticulous in this aspect.

Trade Associations promote trade by encouraging their members to participate in events, trade shows, engage in business matchmaking, introducing potential partners. Technology Transfer Offices helps research teams with positioning their innovation for spin off or technology acquisition. Because there are many activities that need to happen AFTER the partners meet, or AFTER the technology is spun off, Access-2-Healthcare helps to EXECUTE all of the work leading to actual market entry or product launch.

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