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Placing the Head on the Chopping Board – License Holding

When do you and when do you not spend this money?



What is License Holding?


License Holding is one of the key services in Access-2-Healthcare. This is one of the primary reasons why we have 8 physical offices around the world.  It has Access-2-Healthcare be the authorised representative of the product from the foreign manufacturer and deals with the regulatory authority of the country on behalf of the foreign manufacturer.  The distributor concentrates on import, storage, distribution, sales and marketing of the product for the manufacturer.


Why License holding?


It separate and de-couple legal from business responsibilities – physically 2 different entities.

Importation continues regardless of business status; therefore, it minimises impact to the end-customer, protect market share and access to healthcare

It allows better performance management of business partners especially when they are different companies

A manufacturer can concentrate on finding specific sales/marketing talent to maximise market coverage and leave the rest to the license holder.


Who bears this License Holding Cost?


Although it is paid out by the manufacturer, ultimately this cost can be borne by the distributor as an expense from the sales – at the end of the day the revenue pays for the license holder. Another possibility is an expense from the manufacturer when they have potential leads from the direct line of sight to the end-customer.






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