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How Access-2-Healthcare helps to transform MedTech businesses?

POSITIVE is one of the most negative words we use in this bizarre Year 2020

Bizarre does not even begin to describe the sweeping changes in the world and in the healthcare industry

  • Huge demand for infection control disposables, in-vitro diagnostics (test kits), patient monitoring, ventilation, and telemedicine.
  • Deferment and uneven demand for surgical procedures, treatment of chronic diseases, causing scheduling chaos
  • Previously non-healthcare players jumping recklessly into healthcare, invariably endangering the public

From this infection control and social distancing, leads to staying at / working from home, drastic reduction in international travel.  This completely changes the methods of engagement with stakeholders such as clients, suppliers, service providers in terms of R&D, engineering work and market expansion. There are some bright sparks from embracing technology, leading to more e-commerce solutions, more accessible engagement through online conferencing. However, when it comes to bigger deals, more important partnerships, or market expansion, the restriction of travel becomes a very real obstacle, and prevents new businesses being generated, new markets explored, or even the very fundamental aspects of managing commercial performance, compliance.

Even Access-2-Healthcare was impacted significantly.  Our core strength had always been traveling to physically meet our clients, our network, our stakeholders. With this ability to travel taken away, what we did was to ‘go with the flow’ and pivot to help our valued customers in a different way to achieve the same or perhaps better results.

What Access-2-Healthcare had come together as an international team, and done, is to put together a series of initiatives for our customers to collaborate, in the areas of:

  • business model development,
  • engineering conceptualisation, and
  • quality systems implementation


As well as market expansion through

  • marketing strategies,
  • various in-country regulatory approvals,
  • 3rd party authorised representation,
  • distributor selection/qualification, and
  • channel management.

Some highlights include:


Engineering Conceptualisation and Prototyping

Clinician innovations have been turning into reality with Access-2-Healthcare!  We are actively working with the government hospitals, sharing our deep knowledge of clinical workflows and medical device hardware UI/UX to be translated to great industrial design, we can complete the design and send them to you, anywhere in the world, to take to the manufacturer’s, or have us make it for you.

These engineering prototypes are good enough for animal studies, first-in-human studies, usability studies, and of course, fund raising.

With the implementation of online conferencing, and tools to quickly turn sketches to engineering drawings, now conceptualities can be done remotely, and our deep clinical knowledge can be leveraged to extrapolate the ideal form factor and usability elements to you.


Quality Systems Consulting

The Access-2-Healthcare quality compliance team now has the capability to deliver – up to 100% remote – the establishment of a full-scope quality management system, a gap analysis, or system remediation, all the way till ISO certification. This saves your time, cost and efforts.


Go-To-Market Strategy

The in-depth penetration of the healthcare markets in Asia Pacific because of our local teams, makes Access-2-Healthcare one of the most cost-effective, efficient go-to-market strategists, go-to-market strategists in the medical device industry.

The clinical workflow, market segmentation, reimbursement, regulatory and intellectual property – our entire team works together with you to assess the interrelation between them and provide insights on the overall timeline for market entry for you. This can be directly used or as a means to communicate the overall strategy during your fund-raising activities. Great return on investment!


Local Market Studies

With our in-country team mostly being able to travel locally, we identify the areas where you are likely to succeed and the areas where you are likely to fail and hence, develop the best approach for you. Finding the key people, asking the key questions, this approach significantly cuts needless costs from traveling or purchasing market research data! We get that last bits of specific information that would essentially help you determine the success factors in this market. Saves you the trip there!


In-country Regulatory Approvals, Authorised Representation

Our in-country regulatory are all still functioning and learning how to engage with the regulatory authorities without loss in the quality of work, and continue to process regulatory approvals smoothly.

Accelerate your market entry by handling the complex nature of in country regulatory approvals, leave it to us – while you search for new business opportunities

What about e-commerce?

For medical devices that are in B2C, and self-pay space, you can consider leveraging on Access-2-Healthcare business entities around the world, to be your authorised representative, gain regulatory approval, and then market/distribute directly to your customers. Gain significant advantage to expand quickly yet manage via a single-point contact.


Eyes and Ears for you in the Asia Pac Region

While it is your responsibility to travel to various countries, to engage with your channels and service providers, perhaps it is not as easy now, due to the travel restrictions, or increased testing, quarantine requirements.   We can travel locally to meet your local partners on your behalf, manage your distributor delivery KPIs on your behalf.

Consolidate your next-level spare parts and consumables in a centralised warehouse and distribute from there.


Communicating Our Company Developments to you

Access-2-Healthcare has also been doing much internal improvements, with our new company deck (as attached) and new company website our continued efforts to communicate how we can help with your market expansion plans and the modes of working together to achieve these goals within the healthcare industry.

We continued to build our team members around the world, now swelling to 25 team members, because with investment brings better returns. Our Japan and China offices opening by the end of this year.

Some possible new solutions that we may offer due to these changes, leveraging on our current connections with various investors, and channel partners

  • Fund Raising, usually gap funding
  • in partnership with multi-country Clinical Research Organisations, in Malaysia, Germany, Singapore
  • Distributor search and selection together with you, leveraging on the presence of our local teams.

Connect with us and explore ways of working together. If you are not sure how, please give us a call, and we can take the journey together with you.

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