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A Week of Collaborative Learning at the Talent Mobility Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

The start of the year was highlighted with the Talent Mobility Workshop organised by Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

This is the 2nd year running, and the Workshop aims to bridge the gap between the researchers and the industry by enabling knowledge, experience sharing, and talent nurturing through the various organisations – hence enabling the “mobility of the talent”


The focus was on healthcare and started off by introducing the various initiatives for Talent Mobility for Healthcare and Med Tech Industries:

Opportunities and Challenges, along with the Mechanisms for connecting industrial issues to research problems.

Then the 5-day program went on to cover many topics:

  • GLP and R&D Quality Management
  • Finance and project management
  • University and Industry Collaborations,
  • Various Technology Readiness Level (TRL) & Innovation Project Charter
  • Intellectual Property Strategy and Landscaping for Innovation Development
  • Medical Device Design and Development towards human-cantered design
  • Regulatory Aspects and Quality Management Systems
  • Overview of Thai Regulatory Requirements in Biologics Development



I did my part presenting to the audience on:

the overall product commercialisation process

go-to-market strategies

regulatory framework

standards in healthcare 

the quality management system requirements

A lot to share and having the audience changing to “the English Channel” – glad all went well. Whew!


The last day was a brainstorming workshop on known healthcare needs and for the teams to come up with a BMC and project charter. I was thoroughly impressed with the level and the depth of the topics covered, and the organisation of the program to gather the lecturers and researchers around the universities in Thailand together. The session also did well to encourage networking among different stakeholders of the healthcare system in Thailand – all passionate about improving access to healthcare.

For those who had not visited, Mahidol University @ Salaya is a beautiful institution… lots of nature, and I can’t help but to snap this one!

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