[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trade Compliance is Actually Not That Hard

Trade compliance – import / export procedures, customs clearance is one of the critical components in supply chain, and market access. Trade compliance is a function that helps companies handle the importprocess in accordance to the local regulations especially in healthcare industry, and smoothens the supply chain process in getting products from the factories to the end customers.

One of the factors for these challenges in the future is the innovation of the life sciences industry – in terms of drug delivery, bringing healthcare closer to end-users directly, and new ways in biologics. These in turn causes headaches for these dynamic companies interms of HS code classifications, The constant challenge faced by many healthcare companies that ships products to many countries, is the inability of the usual customs documentation (invoice and packing list, shipping documentation, regulatory license information, just to name a few) to meet ALL of the various countries’ import requirements.

While many had said that the customs themselves ask for different things everytime, and while to some extent that is true,what is more true is the greater need for education and understanding of different country’s import requirements; where do we retrieve this information– updated, how do we make sense of it, how it is translated into policies and procedures to be better understood by the companies.

We understand your pain, and we have just the pain killer for it!

Large companies or small, your risk of import delays can be minimised with the right knowledge and education in trade compliance processes, learning about cross functional collaboration, about alignment in documentation, and how to handle the ever-dynamic customs environment in a painless way.

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