Together, We Can Achieve More

Regional Technology Hub

Putting Things Altogether

We develop efficient, tailor-made solutions with and for you, reducing wasted time and effort.

Our efficiency in executing various activities is a result of several factors. We have wholly-owned entities, and multi-talented, multi-functional team members in-country that can work together between countries, and with our core team.

This allows us to help you manage the Asia Pacific region’s businesses effectively.

Sharing Our Infrastructure with You

We offer expertise with empathy, understanding what you need much more quickly.

We offer great value in multiple aspects, with an aim to bring about a great return on investment for you. We can be the single contact party for all things regulatory, post-market surveillance, importation, channel management, even contract manufacturer monitoring, so that you are always on top of things.

By lowering the cost of healthcare for everyone, we make it accessible to all.


We Can Be Your Eyes, Ears and Legs in the Region: Post Launch In-Country Management

Over the last seven years, we have worked hard to build our worldwide physical infrastructure, particularly in Asia Pacific. We are now prepared to share it with you.

Having a team in place to effectively manage your distant partners gives you the confidence to outsource and the peace of mind to do so.

With a physical presence in almost all of the key countries in Asia Pacific , our in-country team can assist in maintaining communications and managing your business partner on a local level after you have mutually signed an agreement. These partners could be original design manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, warehouses, importers, distributors, or service organizations.

From performance KPIs, operational escalations, audits, quality issues, regulatory communication – we DEFINE the expectations together with you so that we speak with a unified voice to your business partners in setting and monitoring goals and objectives

There are several areas where taking a PMO approach to managing the region can work well

  • Changes in standards and regulations
  • Suppliers
  • Sales channels

We collaborate with you, to assess the Return of Investment with you.

What REALLY sets us apart!
We combine competence and sensitivity to rapidly grasp what you need. We develop effective, tailor-made solutions in collaboration with and for you, minimizing wasted time and effort.
We provide exceptional value in order to maximize your investment return.
By cutting the cost of healthcare for everyone, we can ensure that it is affordable to everyone