Transitioning with Ease

Research to Development Mentorship

Engineering and Documentation

We work together with highly qualified and experienced industrial design experts. This allows us to efficiently tackle the challenges and constraints encountered by start-up companies.

Attention to Detail

Our experience with all forms of technology licensing assignments provides the flexibility to support the licensee to complete the rest of the documentation, sufficient to launch in any market, leveraging on our prior experience working on diverse technology licensing assignments and established relationships with various academic, institutional, and hospital research organisations around the world.

Research to Development Mentorship


The translation of biomedical innovation into clinical usage is a lengthy and complicated process, despite the tremendous advancements in the field.

At Access-2-Healthcare, we work with some of the top MedTech commercial and engineering talent in the world. Our knowledge on the clinical workflow and required product features, as well as our deep understanding of medical usability, means that we are able to provide the precise degree of support you need. Moreover, at Access-2-Healthcare, we do nush rush things as take each projects assigned by milestone and on a monthly-retainer basis to better provide services to our valued clients.

Innovation Management Can be broadly divided to 2 sections:



Engineering Prototyping

By providing you with a working prototype, Access-2-Healthcare can improve their chances of licensing their technology or assigning it to a spin-out company

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Technical Documentation

Documentation may be required when the technology is assigned to a MedTech start-up or an industry partner. We step in to assist you in creating documentation that is understandable for potential technology licensees, without excessive data that may slow down the licensing process.

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