A Personalised Approach

Design Transfer, Manufacturing Set up and Scale Up

Design Transfer, Design for Manufacturing

Development of strategic sourcing plan for budgeting and supplier controls,

Production specifications for your control plan and design production line and processes to manufacture, assemble to test the products

Manufacturing Line Set up, Transfer

In addition to our manufacturing experience, we can tap on experts with manufacturing experience, including team members in India, China, Taiwan that can coordinate and support your goals. We help our clients in defining their process validation planning, development and maintenance of gauge R&R and validation protocols, statistical process control planning and initial small-volume manufacturing to scale-up manufacturing plans.

Design for Manufacturing, Process Development

With the knowledge gained from the upstream process, we render personalized consultation and mentorship to adapt your product design and its related risk mitigation plans for the process and for manufacturing. Products must be designed for manufacturing, compliant to quality and regulatory requirements, and allows you to scale production successfully.

We support you in

  • development of strategic sourcing plan for budgeting and supplier controls,
  • develop processes to manufacture, assemble and test the products,
  • production specifications to feed into your control plan and production line

Design Transfer

Each manufacturer must establish and maintain procedures to ensure that the device design is correctly translated into production specifications.

We help you in

  • compiling the device master records
  • process validation planning and execution, including gauge R&R, statistical process control planning

What sets us apart?


We are able to utilize our team members with design and manufacturing experience, in India, China, Taiwan to coordinate and support your goals.