Connecting the Dots

Investor Referral

Trusted Network of Investors and MedTech Companies

We have established strong connections with different types of investors, all with healthcare and/or MedTech mandates.

Standing with the Medical Device Companies

We have a database of MedTech companies – a list we have accumulated over years through building solid relationships with founders and CEOs. Our stakes lie the medical device company, and our intent is to support the company to launch, scale, expand, and solve various problems.



Access-2-Healthcare Company Introduction Deck - September 2021

We improve the likelihood of a great match between investor and company through our knowledge and network. We will work with our clients, the medical device company, to improve the value proposition.

  • Communicate and understand the appropriate investor profile
  • Improve the funding pitch deck, improving communication of the progress of the company and the investment need
  • Smoothen any information that needs to be aligned, and to provide pointers on go-to-market or regulatory strategies as part of the investors’ due diligence on the client.

We aim to support our clients to reap revenue, or advance in their funding rounds, and allow investors to benefit from returns.

For a reasonable fee, we can tap on our expansive geographical outreach, extensive network, relations, and engagement established with various companies and stakeholders within the healthcare industry, to match our partners with potential clients and investors.

What sets us apart?


While Access-2-Healthcare does have connections with different types of investors, what investors value is our ability to quickly understand their needs very well and then find matches from our current database of clients and prospects – organisations that Access-2-Healthcare has accumulated over many years of good relationships with the founders and CEOs.