Independent Authorised Representative

License Holding



This is our most sought-after service.

When a SME’s sales and business leads in another nation, it typically lacks the financial and people resources to create a subsidiary and engage sales and operations staff. Finding a distribution partner, who will initially shoulder the expenses of regulatory, marketing, storage and logistics is the first response.

As a result, market access and regulatory clearances take 6 to 24 months. This time, work, and chance are squandered if the distribution partner fails.



We offer a better alternative

Access-2-Healthcare offers to be an independent ‘license holder’ – the authorised representative. We become the holder of the product license that is required for the product to be imported and sold in the country.

This means we complete the required clearances, and become your approved representative. We shall sign an agreement with any of your distribution partners with respect to product traceability and post market monitoring since we are ultimately accountable for the product in the nation.

This leaves oneself free to execute the sales/commercial agreement with the distribution partner for the product delivery.

Many license holding offers are strategic collaborations. The biggest hazards come when these collaborations are severed, placing the manufacturer in considerable legal problems.

We can assist to interact with your distribution and storage partners with concerns to imports, complaints, and the tragic situations of product recall.

What sets us apart?


Because our country entities are all owned by a single group, the business risk is greatly reduced. This makes it easier for you to consider a different market to enter, because you will still be dealing with the same team, with the same high level of customer service.

Our country offices are all within one ownership group. Therefore, they are fully controllable and because the agreement is signed centrally with us, our resources and infrastructure become at your disposal. Less complexity, less mess.