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Go-To-Market Strategy and Local Studies

Five Key Factors to a GTM

Regulatory strategy, Market segmentation, Intellectual property, Pricing and reimbursement, Clinical workflow – Access-2-Healthcare is one of the very few companies in the market who knows how to integrate them all.

Five is Not Equal to One?

You may find five different experts, each being a subject-matter expert for a key aspect of a go-to-market strategy; despite this, they will not be able to integrate this knowledge as quickly and effectively as our team.



A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is the game plan a company adopts to address the needs of its potential market and it drives the marketing, sales and support activities the company engages in.  It is one of the most important and most complex aspects of product commercialisation.

Access-2-Healthcare is one of the most cost-effective and efficient go-to-market strategists in the medical device sector due to our local employees’ deep exposure of the healthcare industries in Asia Pacific. While market knowledge, experienced local staff, and other factors may be found in other organizations, at Access-2-Healthcare, we use our expertise to assist SMEs lower their expenditures. Not only that, but we can also help you reduce the time and effort required to ensure the success of your company, since we are here to help you.

Your Go-to-Market Strategy is not determined by a single element. It is not just a matter of market segmentation, healthcare economics, or regulatory requirements.

All variables must be taken into account together. Our Go-to-Market consulting services are unique in that they assist you in integrating all FIVE interdependent aspects necessary for a successful market launch.


We work together on before/after clinical workflows, value stream analysis, and define the necessary path to gather clinical evidence needed for design validation, regulatory and marketing


Who are your end-customers, end-users and what are their specific needs? We work out the total addressable market together with you to maximise revenue


Who pays? How do they pay? We help you decide on your reimbursement strategy and pricing model


What is the overall regulatory environment of your desired markets? We help you define the most efficient regulatory pathways in tandem with all other factors


How will you effectively utilize IP to improve your positioning in the market? We also advise on the complicated nature of IP ownership

Our team works together with you and assesses the interrelation between them and provide insights on the overall timeline for market entry for you.


What sets us apart: We Align Ourselves With Your Needs

For high-level strategic directions, we typically brainstorm with you, at no additional charge. Concurrently, we undertake customized local market analyses tailored to our clients’ product offers. Through such research, we are able to develop clients’ marketing strategy, product positioning, pricing, distribution model through the market insights and comments obtained.

With us, we know all the factors and integrate them, we know what questions to ask and who to ask them to. This is why we are excellent at what we are doing.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Go-to-Market.  Our goal is to help you formulate an effective strategy that is tailored to your needs and objectives.

[1.] Determine your marketing strategy, product positioning, pricing, distribution model by gathering in-country insights and feedback.

[2.] Identify the areas where you are likely to succeed and the areas where you are likely to fail and hence, develop the best approach for you.

[3.] Identify and grab potential opportunities that will increase your chances in market penetration. The right preparation and validation will give you more confidence to execute your market entry processes

What sets us apart? In-country expertise

We are especially well-placed in focusing on the key questions to gain the final pieces of market insight in local market studies, because we have local team members in-country. This helps keep costs affordable. Each study is targeted for your specific needs.

Access-to-Healthcare’s efficiency in this area is impeccable. You may find five different experts, each representing a key aspect of a go-to-market strategy; even then they will not be able to integrate this knowledge as quickly and effectively as our team.




You gain local knowledge on the market tendencies, customs, culture, behaviors, that are critical to market success.


With market validation, your product is much more accepted when launched.



The two-step process potentially reduces risk of unnecessary and excessive investment – you actually save money!