Due Diligence with Access-2-Healthcare


For Manufacturers, Distributors

Minimise Your Business Risks and ‘Restart Costs’

Proactive assessment of potential business risks with you for any business partnership

Evaluate the legal, business, and operational aspects of the prospective partners



Due Diligence is an investigation on a prospective business before signing a contract. This investigation is performed by making business-critical information available to the decision-makers who will systematically, carefully analyze all its costs, benefits, and risks, leading to an informed decision.

Despite the benefits of this critical process, most companies overlook this step in their important business partnership decisions.

The most often scenarios where due diligence is needed are when manufacturers search for distribution partners, or searching for a contract manufacturer, or a critical supplier

Whether it is a lack of knowledge, resource, or just being in a different geographical location, Access-2-Healthcare have local staff with our due diligence team to execute together with you.

Here is a short description of our comprehensive process


due diligence

Due diligence experts screen through all aspects of candidate organizations to detect any critical risk factors that make them unsuitable for a business partnership.


Discreet background checks on distributors and manufacturers. We identify any red flags which reflect significant flaws that could threaten client’s assets and cause long term negative effects to their organisation.

due diligence 1

Systematic assessment and qualification through off-site/on-site investigations.


Employ a risk identification and mitigation technique that aligns organisation with the prospect’s and maximise chances of having a positive, long-term relationship with your business partner.


The due diligence team them provides the comprehensive Due Diligence Report, and recommendations for the next steps

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