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Business Due Diligence

Systematic Due Diligence

Most other companies are singly focused on either finance, purchasing or quality systems in the due diligence process. Here in Access-2-Healthcare, we offer the unique integration of all these requirements together to form a comprehensive and objective assessment of your critical business partner on your behalf.

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We have offices in major Asia Pacific countries and our team members are on-site to provide direct assistance. This saves our clients significant time and money.



Due Diligence is a review of a potential company before signing a contract.  It is done by providing business-critical information to the decision-makers so that they may make an educated choice based on the costs, benefits and risks. However, many organizations fail to take this key step into account when making significant business partnership selections.

When a company is looking for a distribution partner, a contract manufacturer, or a vital supplier, due diligence is required.

Whether it’s a lack of expertise, resources, or just being in a different geographical region, Access-2-Healthcare has local professionals working alongside our due diligence team.

Due Diligence with Access-2-Healthcare


Minimise Your Business Risks and ‘Restart Costs’

Proactive assessment of potential business risks with you for any business partnership

Evaluate the legal, business, and operational aspects of the prospective partners

Unlike most other businesses, we don’t only concentrate on finances, buying, or quality processes. On the other hand, we put up an objective appraisal of your important business partner for you. Medical devices are our core emphasis, and this kind of work requires specialized experience and knowledge to be done well.



We already have team members on-site in some countries, which saves your time and money.

Here is a short description of our comprehensive process

due diligence

Potential Candidates

The initial stage is to choose organizations that are suited for the job. They may be present in a public database or on your network. Due diligence professionals thoroughly examine all facets of prospective firms in order to identify any key risk issues.

Business Partner Shortlisting

You initiate contact with these possible business partners, and we can aid with follow-up. They will then be shortlisted depending on their degree of interest. Due diligence also helps identify essential risk factors, which eliminates irrelevant aspects that are incompatible with a business partnership.


Background checks on distributors and producers are conducted in a discrete manner. We look for red flags in the prospect that indicate severe defects that might jeopardize the client’s assets and have a long-term detrimental impact on the client’s business. We will inform you immediately upon identification. Moreover, we shall decide collectively whether to explore this proposition further or to seek another.

due diligence 1

Off-site/on-site investigations are used to analyze and qualify systems.

On our 15-page checklist, we check all elements of business, quality, finance, and (service) delivery. As a result of implementing M&A deals, we have identified the correct blend of professional and not too probing queries.

We will extensively evaluate the paperwork and organize a site visit (or remote visit) for verification and additional assessment. On the other hand, an on-site assessment of a potential exclusive distributor takes 3 days and a contract manufacturer 5 days.


Utilize a risk assessment and mitigation strategy that matches your organization’s interests with those of your prospects, so increasing your chances of developing a favorable, long-term relationship with your business partner. We will be able to identify any possible hazards to the opportunity and provide recommendations for risk mitigation/minimization based on the evaluation. Take note that if the prospect is unwilling to take efforts to lessen the risk, we shall jointly determine whether or not to continue using the prospect.


A due diligence report is created, together with all supporting data, and you may determine whether this prospect is likely to be a long-term business partner based on all of the available facts. The due diligence team then generates a thorough Due Diligence Report, along with suggestions for future actions.

What sets us apart?


The value of such an extensive exercise is enormous — an exclusive distributorship arrangement is often three to five years in duration, while a contract manufacturing agreement is typically between 0.5 to ten million dollars in value. In contrast, the expense of the due diligence effort is negligible. However, the greatest benefit is the time saved. It is preferable to avoid a catastrophic error with a little expenditure than to face the weight of lost time and money afterwards.

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